Bespoke & Professional Pet Care Services

We all live increasingly busy lives these day and don't always have the time to walk our dogs ourselves this is where Premier Pets Carers can help. Animals thrive on routine and familiarity and find being away from home either at a cattery or kennels extremely stressful even if it's just for the weekend. Under your instructions your pets can enjoy their usual routine and eating habits at home with reassuring fuss and attention until you return.

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Treat Your valuable pets to an affordable vip service.


Dog Walking

Professional dog walking service available to dog owners throughout Somerset.

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Pet Visits

Reliable care for your pets in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

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Pet Taxi

Let Premier Pet Carers transport you and your pet to essential appointments.

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Fully insured Professional Pet Care services.

Welcome to Premier Pet Carers the bespoke dog walking and pet sitting service where each pet receives exceptional care tailored to their individual needs.

I am Hazel and I have used pet sitters myself in the past for my own pets so I understand the importance of having trustworthy and reliable care for a beloved pet. I grew up in the countryside surrounded by animals, our pets were dogs, cats, chickens, gold fish, ponies and an assortment of small mammals such as hamsters and mice.

Animals have always been part of the family. I had a long career as a freelance groom in the equine industry, I gained invaluable knowledge and experience about horses and ponies. I also learnt about high standards in horse management. High standards I still maintain in all aspects of animal care. Our pets at home consist of our ex-battery hens now free range and ruled over by 'Big Red' the chief hen who thinks she's a cockerel. Brian the cat who takes it all in his stride and an ex-racehorse who likes to occasionally re live his glory days galloping around the fields with his friends the sheep.

I am registered with NARPS (National association of registered pet sitters) I am also fully insured and hold qualifications in BHS stages 1&2. S.O.A in Equine Nutrition and a certified creditation in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Cat & dog 1st Aid certificates regularly updated.